In the town of Campana, Buenos Aires, South Marine has a model of 6000 m2, where each boat is built carefully plant.
highly trained staff knows how to combine two essential ingredients for the birth of each new boat; advanced technology and traditional rules of naval craft. That is the secret of our construction quality because Marine South is a reflection of its people.

From November 2009 Marine signed an agreement with South Brunswick, to re-enter the Argentine market in the Bayliner boats. Brunswick is the largest global corporation dedicated to recreation products.
With this partnership, are again available in Argentina Bayliner boats, a brand that was founded in 1957 and since then aims to be world leaders in the market for boats 16 to 35 feet.
Currently the Bayliner boats are the most manufactured and sold in the world.
This achievement is reached by a combination of features that make it the best boat when buying a boat.

This is how our product lines born Quicksilver South-Marine, Bayliner and Aqcuamarine, to provide pleasant moments of pleasure, safety and satisfaction.

All official South Marine dealers regularly receive technical and commercial training. This way we guarantee our users the highest level of satisfaction in the process of acquiring a vessel. Making the experience of owning a boat Sur Marine is comparable to those great pleasures that life offers us.