Our customers are extremely important for us all at Marine Sur, which is why we seek to create and ensure the most enjoyable time for you and your family. This is also why we strive daily to conduct our company activities in the pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction.
Our vessels have been built with the highest sense of responsibility, offering users a 5-year hull structural warranty, and the reassurance that Marine Sur is the only ISO 9001 certified shipyard (2008).

We build our own vessels using nothing but fiberglass, and our construction system begins with our decision to select the very best resins available in the international market.
High-density polyurethane foam injections have been used in all of our products, something that offers increased comfort and buoyancy, ultimately rendering greater safety.
All mirrors and the overall structure have been built using GFRP. Wood has been replaced with Lantor Coremat®, a state-of-the-art product that results in lighter, more resistant and lasting vessels.
The electrical wiring features cable harnesses, color codification and standardisation of all wires, terminals, fuse boxes and keys pursuant to international regulations.
Marine Sur uses the finest gelcoat in the market, a product made from a super elastic resin that offers an outstanding shiny finish. This gelcoat is well above ASME 4000 (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards, and creates a shiny, resistant, long-lasting surface that can endure impacts, abrasion, degradation and discolouration processes.

Marine Sur is the only shipyard in Argentina with a paint booth and a lamination area of their own for hull and deck production. These areas have been duly equipped to ensure a controlled environment in terms of temperature and humidity, so that the materials may render their best mechanical features when applied.

All of our boats have been approved by the Argentine Naval Prefecture (Ordinance No. 01/11 and current regulations) and abide by ISO regulations entirely.

Enjoy life cruising—we’ll handle the rest.