Quicksilver Demo Tour 2016

The district of Ramallo, more precisely the Puerto Ramallo shipyard, was home to the Quicksilver Demo Tour 2016 and the first Demo Day of the season that took place last September 30.

Official dealership Nautitecnica was our host, and a most wonderful one.

Demo Day
Shortly after noon, our shipyard’s entire Quicksilver line was ready for display.
Some of the attendees who had previously enrolled for a test drive through social networks and formal invitations by the distributor, Nautitecnica, were able to try a few of our vessels themselves.
First on the list was Quicksilver 2400, whose impressive build and 250 hp stole the show.
As soon as the vessel touched water, Jorge Lazzaretti, head of Nautitecnica, invited all attendees to test the beautiful day cruiser.

Later on, it was time for Quicksilver 2000, engine-powered with an Evinrude 200 G2. A beautiful high-end vessel displaying wonderful sports lines, the new model features several improvements from its predecessor, such as a significantly reinforced mirror that prevents cracks in the area.

QuicksilverGuests were fascinated to see the perfect pair Marine Sur Quicksilver 2000 and the mighty Evinrude G2 200 hp engine make.

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